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Maximize the life of your pool with our seasonal pool services.

A clean, balanced pool starts with a pool drain

Over the summer months, your pool water can become out of balance and laden with pollen, dust, chemicals, sweat, sunscreen, oils, etc. from natural causes or simply a result of use. Leaving the unbalanced water untouched over the Winter can wreak havoc on your pool and cause it to age prematurely. Draining your pool seasonally enables you to refreshthe water in order to rebalance it to be closed for the off-season.

Seasonal pool drains start at $300 and provide the refresh needed to maintain the health of your pool over the long term.

How do I know if I need my pool drained?

The simplest way to determine if you need a pool drain is to evaluate your TDS levels.

Total Dissolved Solids (or TDS) is the measure of the total of all the soluble substances dissolved in the water.

High levels of TDS are caused by chemicals, sweat, sunscreen, debris and other matter, which all leave residue in your pool.  This residue builds up over time, and once it gets too high, your regular pool chemicals are unable to do their job, resulting in many swimming pool water problems.  For regular fresh water swimming pools, clean pool water has a TDS level of 700-900 ppm, the maximum recommended TDS level is 2,000 ppm. If the pool water becomes saturated with contaminants and the TDS level reads greater than 2,000 ppm, the pool should be drained and refilled with fresh water. Most pools need to be drained every 1–3 years.

Plus, refresh the look of your pool with preventative maintenance.

While we have your pool drained, these preventative maintenance services can be added to reinvigorate your pool and add years to its lifespan.

Filter Cleaning

Pool filter cleaning helps keep your pool filtration system operating optimally, which is key to a clean, healthy, and sanitary pool.

Filter Cleaning starts at $120

Acid Washing

Acid washing your pool walls removes months or years of buildup, leaving them looking years younger!

Acid Washing starts at $200

Tile Descaling

Remove the unsightly calcium and chemical deposits left on your pool tiles from hard water so that your pool tile looks new again!

Tile Descaling starts at $300*

*includes I bag of media $75 per extra bag


See the results for yourself.

Check out a few before and afters of our seasonal services.