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Don’t Hire a Stranger.

We hope that you join our family of customers because we want to serve you and your family by keeping your pool sparkly clean and in tip-top shape.

We really are your Neighbors!

We’re members of your community, so if you need us in a pinch, we’re right there to help. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

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What you get with our all-inclusive pool service.

We offer one, all-inclusive service package that is designed to ensure your pool is properly cared for every week.

  • Water Analysis
    Rest assured your pool water chemistry is properly balanced the next time you jump in.
  • Pool Brushing
    Your pool will be sparkling clean after we brush the steps, walls and waterline tile.
  • Emptying Pump and Skimmer Baskets
    We empty the in-line, skimmer and pump baskets, leaf canisters and bags to keep your system running smoothly.
  • Equipment Monitoring
    We monitor your pool equipment and communicate the necessary repairs.
  • Chemical Service
    Save time and hassle purchasing and storing all the chemicals needed for your pool—let us do it for you!
  • Guarantee
    We work diligently to exceed your expectations. If we ever fall short, let us know and we will correct it.
  • Maggie C.2/26/2020
    5 star rating

    We called good neighbor pool service on a whim after seeing their sign in our neighborhood... and aren't we glad!! Little did we know our pool service company before was really slacking. Monte came over to give us a quote and told us our pool was totally out of wack with the chemicals. I appreciated his honesty and dedication to getting it corrected. The service has been fantastic since switching over to them.

    Peter M.2/21/2021
    1 star rating

    Called to have someone come give me an estimate to fix my pool pump. Instead of Monte showing up as I was told, Monte sent me a link to their webpage a week after I called. I then replied clarifying what I needed and no response. Sorry Monte but links to your website don't fix my pool pump issue.

    Jennifer Caterinacci4/18/2019

    Monte has done a great job keeping our pool crystal clear and in great working order, at a fair monthly price. We love him!

  • Lia Rowland11/18/2019

    I've lived in my home for over 20 years and have had several different pool services in that time. Good neighbor pool services has been, above and beyond the best pool service I've ever had! My pool has never been so clean! Even during the worst points of the monsoon season, they worked hard to keep our pool crystal clear and clean. Thank you Monte and everyone at Good Neighbor Pool Service! They really are the best out there!

    Sunny E.12/18/2020
    5 star rating

    When I contacted Good Neighbor pool service was so frustrated after going through 3 pool services who just didn't show up. Not only did Good Neighbor show up they went above and beyond. They diagnosed a problem we had with the pool sent me pictures and got it cleaned up and continued to take care of the pool. I can't say enough about Good Neighbor and the peace of mind knowing I can rely on them to take care of of my pool. I would highly recommend.

    Debbi M.4/10/2020
    5 star rating

    Monte is friendly and excellent at what he does. I highly recommend him for pool service. Affordable, dependable and trust worthy.

  • Tobias Artz3/18/2020

    We use Good Neighbor Pool Services at an AirBNB that we own and are really happy with the service we've received. The prices are fair compared to the competition and the quality of the service given is above and beyond.Most of our communication is with the owner Monte, but everyone we've interacted with has been extremely professional, friendly and knowledgeable. We highly recommend Good Neighbor Pool Service!

    Christopher F.2/26/2020
    5 star rating

    Good Neighbor Pool Service has absolutely great for us. Monte and Team have been super reliable and keep our pool in awesome shape. The thing that sets them apart from other companies is the attention to detail and doing all the little things that make a big difference. One example is how Monte spent extra time getting the return jets working better to help keep our pool cleaner and working better. The company always responds quickly and answers all our questions. Keep up the great work!

    Aileen C.10/21/2019
    5 star rating

    Hands down, THE best pool service ever! Money communicates at every level and truly cares about his customers and their family. Our son is potty training, but that doesn't stop Monte from seeing the 'full monte' of our 3 year old. We have had several different oil servicing companies in the past and all left us with green pools or half cleaned pools. Monte takes care of one family and our pool!

  • Tiffany Griffin4/18/2019

    They have been great from day 1!! I'm telling all my clients about the "Good Neighbor!

    Jennifer C.10/22/2019
    5 star rating

    Monte has been servicing our Scottsdale pool for the last 2 years and he's done a great job. Arrives as scheduled, keeps the pool crystal clear, and makes recommendations if anything else is needed. We trust him, think his rates are fair, and would happily recommend to all of our neighbors. 5+ stars for Good Neighbor Pool Service!

    Babette W.10/22/2019
    5 star rating

    Great service! Keeps our pool clean, sparkling and ready to swim.

  • Ann W.2/26/2020
    5 star rating

    Our pool has never looked better! The water is crystal clear, and visitors always remark about how inviting it looks. Monte is dependable, capable, and knowledgeable. Plus he recommended the best pool vac we've ever had (and it wasn't a pricy one either)! Monte is readily available between visits, should we have a question. I highly recommend him!

    Kimberly Garner4/18/2019

    After months of constant problems with my old pool company, I decided to make the leap of faith after a great recommendation from a friend! I’m so happy I did. Not only has my pool been sparkly crystal clear the pool operates better too! He is consistent, timely, professional and even better I’m at ease not worrying about the pool constantly!!!!! Thank you Monte so very much!

    Jessica Q.11/06/2019
    5 star rating

    Monte is great at providing pool service and is super friendly. He is taking great care of our pool and we highly recommend Good Neighbor Pool Service!